Piping Rock Tahoe Horse Kids Fall 2018 

Piping Rock Tahoe Horse Kids Fall 2018 

Tahoe Horse Kids is our introductory program that provides an opportunity for kids to ride after school and in the winter, spring and fall for 9 sessions each. THK focuses on safety and building solid horseback riding fundamentals. After a few sessions of THK, many kids are ready to move up to the Sierra Riding Academy.  

If you are interested in the program, please fill out this form

Cost is $400 per participant. Riders are paying $55 for 8 group lessons with 10 % locals discount. In addition, we are offering the 9th lesson for free. There are no makeups and no rescheduling. If you do not use your lessons, you will lose them. Weather in Tahoe is always inclement if the barn cancels we will reschedule the lesson a makeup. 

Starting Ages 5 (if they have done a summer with us) but 6 otherwise
If they have been riding here for more than a year, and are 9 and older, they must join Sierra Riding Academy. 

Program Dates:
Wednesday, September 5th through October 31st
Friday, September 7th through November 2nd
Monday, September 10th through November 5th

The lesson will last for one hour.  The kids are expected to be mounted within five minutes of the start of the lesson. For all the beginner lessons, we will have the horse tacked up and ready to go.  As the kids become more proficient, they can arrive early to help tack up. The lesson will end roughly one hour later.  Your lesson day and your start time will be posted on your invoice.