Our Staff

We are just a group of normal crazy horse people living our dream of working with horses on a daily basis. While we may be crazy about horses, overall we are actually rather normal folks who are grateful for the opportunity to share our amazing horses and home with others. 



Ed & Lisa

Ed (the big Big Boss) and Lisa (the little Big Boss) purchased the equestrian center in 2011 and started Piping Rock the same year. Tahoe locals for more than 35 years each, these 2 hippies were bored with skiing and hiking every day so they said hey, lets buy an equestrian center. Without preconcieved notions about what a stable should be, the set out on their own path. The rest is history. 



Casey (the artist) started working at Piping Rock from the very beginning and surely knows where all the bodies are buried (figuratively speaking of course!). In her free time Casey likes to create oil on canvas, but at the stable she is the one with the big smile and bear hugs who is going to make anyone feel comfortable riding. 



Sam (the snowboard bum) started working at Piping Rock in 2014 and claimed to have experience training Hunter Jumper horses. While we still are not certain if she's actually the snowboarder she claims to be, we are certain that she is an amazing trainer that finds a way to connect with every student that walks into her arena.   



Chris (the Instagram queen) started boarding her horses at Piping Rock in 2013 and started guiding trail rides and teaching beginner lessons in 2014. A lifelong horse person, Chris loves working with kids and has a loyal following for trail rides and from the Tahoe Horse Kids. Her instagram is pretty ok too. 



Marty (the self-proclaimed cowboy) started working at Piping Rock in 2014 to help manage the growing business. With a degree from UCLA, Marty tried the whole "real job" thing but city life didn't bring him much happiness. Today you can find him struggling to train horses and trying to convince anyone that will listen that he is a big shot cowboy. 



Rosendo (the horse-whisperer) started at Piping Rock in 2015 and is the only caretaker who has out-lasted the horses for more than 3 months. Rosendo has an uncanny ability to care for our property and horses in a way that sets a high standard. 

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Help wanted

Are you a normal crazy horse person who wants to pick up a part time job or summer gig? Shoot us an email or give us a call and let us know that your interested. We go from 5 staff in the off-season to 15 in the high-season so there are plenty of positions to fill! 

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