We are blessed to have shared our facility with so many great people. See what they have to say from their reviews below! Feel free to check out our reviews on Yelp, Trip Advisor and Google to see for yourself. 


Both Georgina and Vivian loved there two weeks at Piping Rock. It is amazing to see their progress from year to year. We hope that you run the full day cross country camp next year as Georgina is very excited about that experience!
— Grace N.

Amara had a wonderful experience at Pony Camp! She loved learning how to care for and ride the ponies, and she came home each day with a stronger interest in equestrian pursuits. As a parent, I was very impressed with the quality of the center, animals, camp activities, and staff. And I’m pleased that Amara got so much hands-on time with the ponies. I will highly recommend this camp to others!!
— Nicole B.

Mia had a fantastic time at Pony Camp! For part of the week I was alone with both my children and I had two camp drop offs. I greatly appreciate that Katie allowed me to drop Mia off early and Joanna invited her to join Critter Camp. Mia was thrilled to get to the Ranch early! Thank you for meeting our family needs.

Mia loves Taz! We appreciate that you had her ride Taz all week and we were thrilled when Mia was awarded the Most Improved Rider!

Thank you everybody for making Mia’s two weeks of Pony Camp great! She’ll be back next year!
— Stacey K.

My son had a wonderful time at Pony Camp and became a very confident rider. Thank you for his favorite week of summer.
— Colton P.

Well, let me say first that I didn’t realize private meant just me and my husband. It was awesome!!! Ben was super friendly, and had all sorts of facts and stories to tell on the trail. He was well versed in the history of the area and threw out a few celebrity stories while he was at it. He was also polite - and asked us if we wanted conversation during our ride - or if we wanted quiet - which I thought was considerate of him.

The horses were well cared for with shiny coats, well muscled and easy going. There was no evidence of any of the horses being tranquilized (which some stables will do to keep the horses from misbehaving). Tahoe is beautiful so we expected gorgeous scenery and we got it. We saw deer and coyote - which Ben could spot instantly - while we had to keep saying “Where??”

The price for our ride was higher - and I was ok with that because I read the great reviews - and being a veterinarian - I wanted to give my business to someone who loves the horses and treats them well. This stable was the only one with reviews mentioning the health of the horse. AND, once I found out it was just my husband and me - the price was well worth it!! Thanks Ben - Casey - and our horses Tommy and Moonshine!!
— Doc V.

We had a delightful two-hour trail ride with guide Casey. This was our first time at Piping Rock. It was easy to find, so we arrived a bit early for our 10 AM ride. We received a warm welcome from barn staff, and a quick safety checkout. Around a dozen horses were already saddled and ready. They were obviously well cared-for. My husband and I were matched to horses Dylan and Roscoe, and we were quickly under way.

We rode to Prosser Creek, and then climbed Boca Hill, riding through pine and sagebrush country. Along the way, Casey pointed out some of the natural features and history of the area. The two hours flew by. We particularly enjoyed fording the creek and doing a bit of off-trail riding.

This is a very well-run trail riding program. It was a great way to experience a bit of the peaceful country away from the tourist crush of Tahoe.
— Ann C.

Thanks sooo much!!! Brisa had the time of her life!

The wranglers and counselors were the best. We’ll be back!
— Rick S.

Our daughters attended pony and horse camp. Out of a scale of 1-10 1 being the worst, 10 being the best they both rated it a 10! Amazing camp, great staff! Thank you!
— Rachel H.

Thanks for a wonderful first experience for kai with horses!!! he loved it all..... We will be back for more :).

Counselors & kiddos helping out were great! See you soon.
— Chandley A.

Great ride, great stable!
— Ann C.

Fabulous ride...Michaela was a wonderful, informed and interesting guide. So glad we were taken out by her! I hadn’t been up on a horse in a very long while and I felt comfortable, safe and like I’d never left the saddle. I would HIGHLY recommend Piping Rock for anyone considering a trail ride while in North Shore.

We will DEFINITELY be back!!
— Jill L.

Thanks! We had a great time and the guide was awesome.
— Curtis W.

We had a great experience at Piping Rock. My son enjoyed getting to know farm animals and my daughter had an amazing time riding the horses. Sophie the instructor was great, and so was Johanna, who supervised the camp.
— Luella S.

Nice calm ride. Personel was very friendly and knowledgable. We were allowed to lead the horses to arena and feed them carrots. Horses are very sweet and friendly, know the trail. Sunset was behind the ridges, but nice anyways. Trails included everything - meadows, hills, woods, creeks. Will definitely do it again. Thank you, Piping Rock Equestrian!
— Elena K.