Trail Rides

We offer trail riding programs that are less crowded, less dusty, and more personal. If you owned your own horse, this would be a ride that you would share with your friends or family. Our trails cross mountain steams, meander through Jeffrey pines, and the smell of sage is in the air. This is the Tahoe that you love.


  • Private Rides – Most of our rides are private - just go out with you and your friends or family plus a guide. Our goal is a personal experience and with the private ride we can tailor a perfect ride just for your group.
  • Ages – 8 years old & up. Got a youngster under 8? Leave them with our staff to go on a pony ride and visit the critters while you go out for your ride. Just select this option at checkout.
  • No Experience Necessary – We love the opportunity to introduce first time riders to our amazing horses. With your private ride, you will start with a short lesson in the safety of a sand arena and won’t leave for the trail until you are comfortable.
  • Duration – Unlike other trail ride outfits, we don't set a time limit on our rides. Instead, we work with each group to make sure it is just right for you! Of course, as the price and expereince goes up so does the duration. 
  • Trotting & Loping – Do you know how to ride and want to kick it up a notch? We offer adventure rides that allow you to move out on the trail in a trot or lope. However, to ensure the safety of the horses and group all riders must first pass an assessment and we make no guarantee that you will be ready to move out on the trail.

If you are ready to book click on a button below. Have questions? Give us a call at (530) 582-6780 or email at

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Our introductory ride is just that, an introduction to horseback riding. This is the perfect experience for those who are a bit timid, have young children, or on a budget. The cost is $50 per child or adult. Come learn what horseback riding is all about! Availible April 15th to September 15th.  

Took my granddaughter on the hour long trail ride (Beginner Scenic Ride) for her 9th birthday with Chris, beautiful scenery, well maintained, friendly staff, large facility. Chris was wonderful we both enjoyed it immensely! Also a personal ride just your group per guide, very nice will absolutely go again.
— Teresa B. as reviewed on Yelp
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Beginner Scenic Ride

Our beginner scenic ride is great for both first timers and those with a bit of experience who want a beautiful ride in the Sierra Nevada wilderness. All of these rides are private and offer mild yet varied terrain to satisfy the whole crew. The cost is $90 per person and the ride is generally just over an hour. Availible year-round.  

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novice Scenic Ride

For those ready for a bit more, our novice ride gets you out further and across more challenging terrain. Don't let the name fool you, this ride is fine for beginners and even adventurous first time riders. The cost is $125 per person and the ride is generally around 1.5 hours. Available year-round. 

Took a nicely paced evening ride (Sunset Super Scenic Ride) on Hollywood with wrangler Casey and her horse Bowen. The ride met all my expectations to allow me to get my horse fix as well as try the place out before I sign up for the longer Super Premium Scenic Trail Ride. Owners Lisa and Martin Fielding were very responsive to my email when I was inquiring about making a reservation. Their facilities, equipment, horses and land are kept very clean. Even though I’m very allergic to horses, I didn’t sneeze once on the property. Wrangler Casey is great! I recommend Piping Rock for trail rides if you’re in the Truckee area.
— Jennifer J. as reviewed on Yelp
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Sunset super scenic ride

A truly breathtaking ride, our sunset super scenic ride follows an amazing trail starting out late afternoon and ends up with a breathtaking sunset over the Sierra Crest. This ride is $125 per person and is just over 1.5 hours. Available year-round. 

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Premium scenic ride

Our premium scenic ride is where the hoofs really start to hit the trail, experience some of the most scenic terrain and history in our trail network. First timers are discouraged, but beginners who are up for a challenge will be just fine. More advanced, we will find a bit more challenge for you. The cost is $150 per person and the ride is generally just over 2 hours. Available April 1st to November 15th. 

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super premium scenic ride

This ride truly is super! From the top of Boca Hill with vast views of the Martis Valley to the ice railroad steeped in history, or a swim in Prosser Reservoir, at roughly 3 hours in length, the choices are just about endless for where you want to go! The cost is $200 per person. Available April 1st to November 15th.