Since 2011, we have been building a business based upon our own beliefs, listening to others but never seeking to be anything other than ourselves. 

I don’t often give five star rating, but because of my wonderful experience with Piping Rock I just had to rate it as the best.

Our group could not have been in better hands. The guides were delightful, informative, and cared about our comfort as well as the horses. Every horse was healthy, happy, and gentle to ride. I would recommend this adventure to any family or group interested in horseback riding in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Piping Rock is easy to get to off of highway 80, which made for convenient access from our stay in Truckee.

Our guides took us on some wonderful rides up into the mountains, along Prosser Creek, and through beautiful meadows. Each day was a different ride, so we were always surprised at what was around the corner. Wildlife was always easy to spot, deer, birds, and coyotes.

Our group is already planning a trip for next year. Thank you everyone at Piping Rock for making our vacation memorable.
— Dayna S from the Central Valley CA

Our Mission

We are dedicated to creating a space where anyone and everyone is welcome to experience horseback riding. Success for us is not measured by blue ribbons or our bottom line. To us, its the smiles on guests faces, kids falling in love with something other than the phones, working with horses and seeing them grow, that keeps us motivated to work each day at this crazy little business. 

We, actually my son, has been ridding with Pipping Rock for three years. I feel so lucky to have these stables in our backyard in beautiful Tahoe.

Pipping Rock is a down to earth stables that care about their “clients” or our case, my kid. It is not a fancy smancy place. The owners dedication and love have changed my son’s life, literally.
— Leora S. from Truckee CA

Our beliefs

  • Safety and sound fundamentals is #1 whenever we work with horses. 
  • Horseback riding should be available to anyone, not just the affluent. 
  • Horseback riding teaches fundamental leadership skills that cannot be taught elsewhere. 
  • Each student will progress at their own pace and should be allowed to do so without unnecessary pressure to achieve the next level. 
  • Kids need to learn how to work, not just ride. 
  • Team & community are more important than individual success. 
  • Anyone can learn to ride with the right attitude and consistent perseverance. 
  • Our horses are family and they are treated as such. Each horse gets:
    • Top quality feed, fresh water, and a safe place to call home
    • Individual attention & training
    • Equal veterinarian and farrier care 
  • A good horse cannot simply be bought, it must be cared for and treated with respect.
  • There is no such thing as a bad horse, just horses who have been treated badly in the past. 

Fantastic program and experience for our daughter. We like that this is a working barn and the junior counsellors and at least older campers learn all parts of the equestrian experience not just riding and jumping and handing off a horse to someone else to clean and do the inglorious work. They really learn all facets of the experience. Bravo.
— Emily S. from San Francisco CA

Contact Us

  • Call: +1 (530) 587-6780
  • eMail:
  • Visit: 12318 Union Mills Rd., Truckee CA 96161