Richard Winters Horsemanship Clinic with Cows May 27 & 28

Quality Horsemanship for Quality Horse Lovers! 

This spring we will be hosting a Richard Winters to celebrate the start of our new venture, the Tahoe Ranch! Richard will be giving a 2 day Advancing Horsemanship Clinic with Cows on May 27th and 28th. This is a great way to start of your summer riding season helping you overcome last seasons hurdles, and give you the tools to have your best summer season yet! The cost to attend the clinic with your horse is $500. 

To book, follow THIS LINK

From Richard:

This advancing clinic will revolve around the body control and maneuvers necessary for upper levels of performance. Through Richard's "4 Part Harmony" exercises, you will establish communication and suppleness of your horses head and neck, shoulders, rib cage and hind quarters. You'll gain greater understanding of stops, spins, lead changes, collection and refinement. This clinic will prepare you to perform at a higher level, regardless of your particular riding discipline.