Tahoe Horse Kids

Tahoe Horse Kids is our introductory program that provides an opportunity for kids to ride after school and in the winter, spring and fall for 10 sessions each. THK focuses on safety and building solid horseback riding fundamentals. After a few sessions of THK, many kids are ready to move up to the Sierra Riding Academy. 


a safe way to learn to ride

A lot of kids have a passion for horses, Tahoe Horse Kids is a way for them to turn that passion into a reality. We have a group of very friendly, gentle horses who are the perfect babysitters for these new riders. While kids will learn how to be safe around horses on the ground, the true focus of the program is built on solid riding fundamentals. Most kids after one session can trot comfortably and some are even ready to canter! This program is a low cost, entry level option to get kids really thinking about a future with horses. 


english or western

We don't judge - we offer instruction for both English and Western riding styles. Can't decide which one is right for your child?  Western is a great way to start as many find it to be easier.  While an English saddle may feel less stable, it is the best way to truly build a solid foundation with your seat. 


Group lesson fun

We believe group settings are a fun, instructional and economical way to learn to ride. Students have the opportunity to learn from their peers as well as their instructor.  THK is all about having fun, and its way more fun to be with your friends.